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The curation of:  MyVodafone App (UK) Design System

Reading time: 15 mins  I  Scanning time: 6 mins  I  Grasp time: 30 mins (approx.)  I  Project date: Oct 31, 2015  I  by Saikat Roy and team


The outcome of the project banner

ABFL Direct.  A direct SME (small and medium-scale enterprises) loan platform.  Yes, that's all about the product.  And what were they struggling with?

80% bounce rate right from the homepage...Scary right?

There's nothing scarier than a high bounce rate in conversion based digital products. That is when Aditya Birla Finance (a 20+ years old non-banking financial institution) reached Kuliza Technologies (an end-to-end product development firm) to fix it.

So we came into the picture.  And the result?

Increase in 64% conversion rate in 3 months. Oh bonus:
saved offline cost by 12% (post digitisation of offline services)

How did we do that? And what happened in the backstage of this successful solution?

Please head below to check the rest.





Before starting with the craft piece, I would like to mention that you may always click/ tap on the respective sections to know more details (for instance, Ledership, Collaboration and etc.)

A solution is ideally followed by a problem. Or to be precise, a Right Problem.
We knew the problem as well as our stakeholders, which was:
"The site is having 80% bounce rate right from the homepage".
Now, validating that given problem and coming up with a 'Right Problem Statement' is what determines the efficiency and effectiveness of a solution.  Else, from my 
experience, I have seen large teams coming up with a solution after 6 months that does not have any measurable result or impact.

And thus, the search started for finding out the right problem.

Inspiration phase

An inspiration is nothing but finding an opportunity for motivation.

In this phase, we tried to find motivation.  Once we have the motive, we will have some intent (which is more figural in nature, than motive), to drive our implementation or solution.

In this case, inspiration consisted of the following milestones.
Yeah, reaching a purposeful intent is never an easy job.


The inspiration phase depicted via general illustration (modified, post inspiration from HCD by IDEO and Double-diamond by British Design Council)

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