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Hey!  I am truly glad that you are here.

My portfolio ranges from designing for teams to designing for products.

You might wonder "what is this designing for team"!  Well, it's nothing other than solutions which improve a team in some way or the other.  It can be in the form of an 'organisational structure' which improve a team's product quality or it can be in the form of a 'design system' which speeds up the team's overall productivity.

When it comes to 'designing for product', my portfolio ranges from B2C, B2B, desktop, mobile, enterprise to IOT products.

For your better understanding of the strength you are looking for, I have categorised projects into the following sections:

Case studies (as a design manager)case study of organisational solutions that helped in team's optimisation

Case studies (as an individual contributor)case study of product solutions that were successful

Off office (mini case studies)unofficial voluntary solutions I pick up at my free time for study purpose (not affiliated to any company)

Passion projectsprojects where I apply the thoughts and methods I am most passionate about

Complete product portfolio (in a timeline)the complete official product solutions as a timeline

And you are always welcome to scroll check!

Case Studies (as a design manager)

Design manager: case studies

Case study of organisational solutions that helped in team's optimisation

Design System:  MyVodafone App, UK

Facilitated MyVodafone App Design System (2017 version) for the Vodafone Core Group (UK) which was used by 17 countries of 4 continents to redesign their version of MyVodafone app with market specific functionalities.

Achievement:  The design system reduced company expenditure of nearly 38% (as per projection of 2018) for any product redesign in the form of cost to company by reducing need for employee travel and employee effort and time.

Case Studies (as an Individual Contributor)

Case study of product solutions that were successful

Individual contributor: case studies


Redesigned ABFL Direct loan application platform which resulted in reduced bounce rate by 64% and saved offline cost by 12% (based on 6 months data) as in 2017.

Achievement:  Reduced ...

Website:  Aditya Birla SME Loan Application Platform

Redesigned Admin Portal of Building Solutions Portal that resulted in installation cycle time reduction to 36 days from 56 days, and increased cost efficiency by 20%.

Achievement:  Efficiency ...

IOT Admin Portal:  Honeywell Connected Building Solutions
Out of Blue

Unofficial voluntary solutions I pick up at my free time for study purpose (not affiliated to any company)

Off office: case studies

Responsive website and android app:

Redesigned RT Stone official website (a reputed kitchen tiles and stone company based out of London).

Learning:  Implemented one of my UX theory on physical-digital morphing design method for this particular product. Post which, Visitors preferred checking online before visiting the stores for the quantity and size (which reduced the call centre costing for around 32% as of Jan 2021).

Passion Projects

Projects where I apply the thoughts and methods I am most passionate about

Passion project: case studies


Trying the solve the problem of non-financially educated Indians by sticking to their both short-term and long-term budgeting plan.

Progress:  Till service design ...

Application:  Personal Budget Tracker

Case study on the design from scratch of my own portfolio + insights site including all the design principles with the limitations of developer platform.

Progress:  Till portfolio home ...

Personal Site:
Complete Product Portfolio

The timeline only include projects under my employers (does not include passion projects or off-office projects)

Product timeline: complete product portfolio

Jio Design System 2.0 - Mobile, STB, AR, Web

Cohesive design system for all things Jio (starting with MyJio mobile app to JioFiber STB).

Role:  Managing external AKQA teams and approving their progress over time or pushing it to the higher management for approval with negotiation and presentation. Owning components and navigation branch of the complete design system. The design system is going to create a cohesive design language for all Jio products starting with MyJio mobile app to JioFiber STB.

Achievement:  Yet to complete... (1st round with MyJio on Oct 18, 2021)

June 2021 - Present
Oct 2020 - Present
Jio Exclusive - B2C App

An hybrid app with exclusive retail benefits for Jio telecom customers.

Role:  Managing the entire design team including 1 researcher, 1 UX designer and 1 visual designer with cross-functional team collaboration.  Acting as a SPOC for business, product and cross-functional teams.

Achievement:  Product yet to release...

Jio Cashify POS - Enterprise Platform App

The enterprise-end POS in-app integration for exchange mobile platform within Reliance retail domians (such as Reliance Digital and Jio Exclusive).

Role:  Managing the outsourced Cashify front-end team with collaboration of enterprise and dev stakeholders.  Completing the enterprise design hands-on due to lack of design resources.

Achievement:  Exchange of products launched in Reliance digital stores

Aug 2020 - Present
Oct 2020 - Present
ASP Merchant Platform - B2B Tablet App

A B2B tablet app for JioMart Digital empowered local mobile stores to increase their catalog range via JMD network for visiting customers.

Role:  Collaborating with the Fynd (consultant team) on synching the journeys with JioMart digital journeys and approve the flows and screens based on Jio Design System.

Achievement:  Product released in 4000 Navi Mumbai stores in beta phase.

Jan 2020 - Present
JioMart Digital App - B2C

The digital, electronics and appliance section for JioMart or Reliance Digital.

Role:  Owning and managing the complete end-to-end design journeys of the complete app. Managing, presenting and negotiating with business, product, tech, marketing, vendor and other stakeholders.

Achievement:  Product yet to release... (to be integrated with JioMart grocery app)

Jul 2020 - Feb 2021
Jio Design System 1.0 - Enterprise

A design elements group and guideline to be used by designers to increase team productivity.

Role:  Advising and approving the guideline and reusable components created by the central team. Setting up a QA team to assure the implementation for all Jio products.

Achievement:  Successfully reduced product design cost by average 24% and VD timeline by average 3 days from 7 days.

Apr 2020 - Jul 2020
JioMart Haptik & Whatsapp Bot UX - B2C

The partial AI customer support chat platform for JioMart (an e-commerce platform)

Role:  Bot UX for few of the customer support journeys (like order related, FAQ, etc.)

Achievement:  The implementation of the AI bots reduced the call centre (aggregated email and call) traffic by 46.5% within first month of launch.

Jan 2019 - Apr 2020
JioMart Web and App- B2C

One of the largest e-commerce platform for Indian marketplace.

Role:  Managing part of the design team for the launch of few verticals within JioMart app and website.  The team included 1 researcher, 2 UX designers, 2 visual designers, 6 multi-disciplinary interns.

Achievement:  Successfully launched one of the largest competitor of Amazon India within it's launch deadline.

Mar 2018 - Jan 2019
MyJio Prime Sub-app - B2C

Loyalty and points benefit for Reliance and Jio customers (all verticals including BP Jio Petroleum) which can be redeemed for exciting benefits and privileges.

Role:  Leading a team of designers, junior product managers and front-end engineers in setting up the app from scratch with business, tech and apex team approvals in line.

Achievement:  Successfully launched (data not shared yet).

Oct 2018 - Mar 2018
MyJio Coupons (JioFridays) - B2C

Loyalty contest and benefits for Jio customers.

Role:  Managing a team of 2 members design team (UX researcher and Visual Designer) and hands-on in UX design for the project with stakeholder management and and acting cross-functional and cross-management team SPOC.

Learning:  How agile management is the key for successful approval within a large organisation (keep milestone and goal separately).

Mar 2018 - Sept 2018
Honeywell Building Connected Services - IOT Enterprise

IOT Building connected service solutions registration and admin portal.

Role:  A UX consultant for the CBS team (HUE Studio) working while collaborating with in-house UX leads, Visual designers, Data architects, Product owner, Vertical director, Tech leads.

Achievement:  Resulted in installation cycle time reduction to 36 days from 56 days, and increased cost efficiency by 20%.

Nov 2017 - May 2018
Zephyr for JIRA - SAAS Enterprise

A SAAS product which works as a plugin for JIRA software that helps in software QA and testing management.

Role:  Consultant and led a team of 3 designers while collaborating with Company director, Marketing head, Tech leads in redesigning the complete product and launching few new in-bound features.

Achievement:  The change in design turned out to reduce test raise time to 2 mins from 4.6 mins.  Acquired by SmartBear Software. 

May 2017 - May 2018
Managed Methods - Enterprise

A B2B cloud security solution for educational institutions, government agencies and corporates.

Role:  Lead a team of 2 designers while collaborating with Company CEO, Tech team in in progressive improvement of the product based on customer feedback and analytics.

Achievement:  Converted 16 prospects among 20 as customers (said to be based on user friendly portal and strong backend security).

Jul 2017 - Feb 2018
Watabid - B2C + Enterprise

A reverse bidding platform in the real-estate sector within Bangalore (a brainchild of Purvankara founders) and it's CRM portal.

Role:  Managing and guiding a team of 2 designers and 2 junior PMs in developing the product from scratch concept to a live product while collaborating with tech and marketing team.


Achievement:  Launched one of the most difficult-to-decipher innovative project within deadline and tracking success metrics.

May 2017 - Oct 2017
Vistara website - B2C

The carrier brand site for flight booking and loyalty benefits.

Role:  Lead a team of 1 Researcher, 1 UX designer and 2 Visual designers and acting as a SPOC for Vistara business team for revamping it's responsive website while collaborating with tech team in the implementation and marketing team in analysing success rate.

Achievement:  Increase in member subscription by 24% and flight booking by 5% within first 2 months of revamping.

Apr 2017 - Jul 2017
IME Pay Merchant App - B2B

A payment and wallet app for Nepal (for merchant).  The Nepal version of PAYTM merchant app.

Role:  Mentored a team of 1 UX designer and 1 junior PM in creating the UX journeys and stakeholder presentation for the app.

Achievement:  The UX journeys and wireframe got approved, post which the visual and development went to a different company due to budget issues.

Mar 2017 - May 2017
Aditya Birla Finance - Fintech B2C

A SME loan request portal financed by Aditya Birla Fintech (ABFL Direct).

Role:  Worked on revamping the responsive site in collaboration with 1 visual designer, 1 UX designer, 2 interns and a bunch of tech and business people.

Achievement:  Resulted in reduced bounce rate by 64% and saved offline cost by 12% (based on 6 months data) as in 2017.

Nov 2016 - Feb 2017
Sulekha Services - B2C

A digital platform for local service businesses within India.

Role:  Worked as a UX researcher for the Sulekha services including work such as heuristic evaluation, usability testing, user interviews, empathy mapping, affinity mapping, customer experience journeys, Maslow's hierarchy, service design and UX documentation.

Achievement: A four month compiled work resulted in 34% conversion rate in first month (implemented a year after resignation).

Oct 2015 - Oct 2016
MyVodafone Design System - Enterprise

Design system for the global launch of MyVodafone app 2017 (including the market specific changes).

Role:  Facilitating and owning the design system and style-guide for MyVodafone app. Worked with cross-country and cross-functional stakeholders from business, product, design and tech to understand their market specific requirements to create the design system.

Achievement:  Reduced company expenditure of nearly 38% (2018).

Oct 2015 - Oct 2016
MyVodafone App - B2C

An all-in-one super app for Vodafone globally, which is also the most prestigious product for Vodafone group.

Role:  Worked on few of the product journeys as a UX and interaction designer while collaborating with visual designers, UX leads and product managers.

Achievement:  All the assigned journeys have been implemented within the product during the relaunch in 2017.

Jan 2015 - Sept 2015
Athena Infonomics style-guide - Enterprise

A style-guide to mark the consistency in content to be uploaded post launch of the new site.

Role:  Worked as a sole designer for the company to work on the style-guide and collaborated with developers and business team in approving and following it throughout the site.

Achievement:  The style-guide is till being used for consistency within the site (as of 2021).

Jan 2015 - Sept 2015
Athena Infonomics site - B2C

Brand/ marketing website for a homegrown data-driven economic consultancy firm in India.

Role:  Completed redesigning and developing the website and it's CRM based on CEO's requirement with the help of another graphic designer and a front-end + back-end developer.  Touched upon research, UX and visual designs.

Achievement:  Completed the project based on contract 9 months.

Jul 2012 - Oct 2014
Amazon Brand Pages and Mini Features - B2C

Amazon's brand pages.  For e.g. Barbie, Reynold's own pages within amazon domain.

Role:  Worked for multiple brands as a production designer (UX+VD) to bring up their page within amazon domain while collaborating with brand specialists and senior designers from Seattle.

Achievement:  Made a lot of pages live within tight deadline of amazon.  The program said to be 4th best revenue generator in 2013.

Jun 2013 - Oct 2014
Amazon Image Assist Portal - Enterprise

A centralized ASIN based Image upload and pool platform for amazon stakeholders (product managers, designers, product owners, etc.)

Role:  Worked as an initial sole designer (UX+VD) to bring up the portal from scratch concept to a live portal while collaborating with cross-country product owners.

Achievement:  The tool increased work efficiency of employees by 20% and saved cost of about 34% (based on 2014 projection).

Oct 2013 - Dec 2013
Amazon Dev-Meetup Portal - Enterprise

Registration portal for worldwide developer meet-up for Amazon developers.

Role:  Was a sole designer (UX+VD) in a 5 members team to work on this project under the guidance of lead designer from Seattle.

Achievement:  The portal is still in use and without any change in VD.


Some of my art-work and interior (spatial) designs

Oh hey! Art and spatial designs are my pass-time muse

Spatial design of my HSR Layout, Bangalore rented flat. Clip from 2017

Expressionist artwork

Medium: Wax charcoal over cloth canvas or art paper

Spatial design of my Seawoods, Navi Mumbai rented flat. Clip from 2019

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