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When it comes to work, I call myself "Patiently Aggressive".  Patient, till I don't know and still doing my homework.  Aggressive, when I know it all.

Blessed to carry a track record of leading a team of designers while collaborating with cross-functional teams for a wide range of successful products (10+ years in Design including 5+ years in Design Management).




Saikat Roy

• DGM - UX at Jio (Central Design Team)

• Ex. Amazon  I  Vodafone

• University of Wales Trinity

  Saint David, UK (graduate)

UX workshops and seminars, a glimpse

UX research and human computer interaction workshop for Kuliza Technologies' design team

@ Banquet hall of Crystal Castle, JP Nagar, Bangalore


Foundational service design seminar for Jio Core

design team

@ Reliance Corporate Park's Design Lab, Ghansoli,

Navi Mumbai


Insights on UX, product, design and people

UX Manager?  Aumm... okay... so what do you do??

• General corporate's perception on it and why was it formalised

• What are the actual roles and responsibilities

• What's next?


Sept 30, 2021

Image by Austin Distel

Heard about User Stories... what's Business Stories?

• Introduction about User Stories and it's usage

• Brand new Business Stories and why it's important

• How to merge the two to build a successful product with

better ROI


Mar 15, 2022

Image by You X Ventures

Designing for the deprived (20% of the curve)

• Introduction on the Pareto's rule and it's implication on product

• Stating the ignorance damages with statistical data

• Suggesting a way to avoid the damage without effecting the 80%


Apr 05, 2022

Image by Tiago Muraro

Portfolio: contribution as a leader or IC


Facilitated the team to create MyVodafone app design system (2017) for the Vodafone core group (UK) which was used by 17 countries of 4 continents to redesign their version of MyVodafone app with market specific features.

Achievement:  Adoption ...

Design System:  MyVodafone App, UK



Redesigned ABFL Direct loan application platform which resulted in reduced bounce rate by 64% and saved offline cost by 12% (based on 6 months data) as in 2017.

Achievement:  Reduced ...


Website:  Aditya Birla SME Loan Application Platform

Jason Long

was cross-team's

VP - Product Management

@ Amazon

In my two years here at Amazon, Saikat is one of the best designers I have ever worked with.

Both here at Amazon (and at previous employers), I’ve learned that it is rare to find a designer that is extremely fast, delivers a high quality of work even in “Rush” situations, and provides unsolicited “Smart” feedback and recommendations.

Saikat is one of those rare designers! I’ve enjoyed working with Saikat and highly recommend him.

Recommendation by other professionals

On a side note. Here's one of my favourite achievement


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2021 Design  I  Saikat Roy

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